Thursday, January 26, 2012

A New James McCloud

I was never actually satisfied with James McCloud's look. It seemed to me that I was trying to hard to make him like Jet Ryan. So I re-desgined him completely. I took away his beard but I thought a monster hunters should have some facial hair so.. I gave him sideburns. All the characters shall stay the same but I think that this look makes him look more heroic. It also makes me feel more free to try different things with him I wouldn't be able to do with Jet Ryan or the new hero I'm working on... When looking at his old outfit he looked to mature, which didn't really fit with his character. I liked all the main characters so I kept them but like James, I edited their look.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Two New Super Heroes

 Jet Ryan is inspired from my grandpa Papa. I hope I can make a comic or cartoon series out of him. As you can imagine he adventures through space and beats up alien monsters and also will save planets and maybe even  galaxies from near destruction.

  Jet Ryan is the kind of guy that will think he's doing good but then it just blows up in his face. Then will always have to solve the problem he just created. I think he will start out as kind of a human lab rat for the US government's inventions, But he turns out to be a galactic hero.

 I tried making his uniform look like it was designed in the 40's which I think fits his personality. It consists of his jacket which was based of a jacket that I found in my brothers closet. His tights which every great hero needs. A jet pack which was inspired by Buzz Lightyears', and of course you have to love his bolo tie. Because he's only human he has to have weapons to defend himself from monstrous aliens- first his sword, I gave him a sword because I feel not lots of great heroes use those these days. Also he needs a gun because that just felt right for a space hero.

 The girl on the left of him is the "damsel in distress" that Jet Ryan will always have to save from some kind of alien monster. She is the princess of Jupiter (the planet in the background). I think making her a princess is cheesy but it works. Him falling in love with her will make some problems for him and the Jupiter people. Not sure about her name but maybe you can help with that.

The guy to the right is Jet's right hand man. He is the mad scientist that makes all the gadgets that Jet Ryan will use, like his space ship and his jetpack. He also worked for the government to create Jet Ryan. After learning "some interesting things" about the US government, he and Jet move to the moon and set up there H.Q. there. His name is Dr. Magnus Phox(Fox or Foxx).


James McCloud is inspired from my grandpa Boss. Designing him has been one of the toughest things ever. I have gone through about 20 different rough drafts. Finally I came up with the monster hunter. Like Jet Hunter I am hoping to make a comic book or cartoon series out of him. Originally he had slicked back hair and a goatee and mustache, but somehow ended up like this.

      Originally he was Jet Ryan's partner but then later was changed to be all on his own. So after changing him from a space character to a monster fighter I had to change his outfit. I was going to give him some armor but I didn't like anything. So I gave him a jump suit that seemed to look good.

      The kid to the right of him is the side kick that he never wanted. I'm thinking that the kid is going to be James McCloud's annoying neighbor. The kid is going to be spunky and always want to just go and beat up what ever monster comes his way. Kind of like Scrappy Doo.

   The lady to the left is James McCloud's wife. I figured it would could be different and bring some funny situations to James' adventures. For instance her calling him in the middle of battle to see when he was coming home for dinner.

   Yes the creature above him is a dragon. I figured a monster hunter needed some creature sidekick. I thought it would be funny for a guy who hunts and kills monsters to have a dragon to ride around.

Nephi Book of Mormon

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dallimore Brothers

L-R: Yours Truely, Keaton, Elder Bubba Dallimore, and Payden

Past DoOdLeS

Ribbet Toads
Mad Hatter
 Iron Man

 Banjo Kazooie (Nuts and Bolts)
 Black Beard